DJ Geovante at Sun Trapp SLC

DJ Geovante

David Ezekiel Brooks, stage name Geovante, is a Half Black and Mexican producer, lyricist, and DJ. As a founding member of the Salt Lake City artist collective, the Jaguar Occult and a direct descendent of both Egyptian and Aztec Royalty (Ramesses III and Montezuma) he found his home playing and mixing an assortment of styles of dance music ranging from Global Bass, Global Turnup, Dirty House, Afro Tech House and has coined his style as Afro Mayan Disco.

Lore: Our universe is a cell within Geovante’s body. Geovante communicates with all humanity through dream states and has chosen David Ezekiel to help bring upon the conscious revolution starting with each individual on the dance floor. “Geo” meaning earth and “vante” meaning watch, Geovante has observed humanity’s wide array of sounds overtime and helps David Ezekiel manifest the best frequencies possible!